Pretty Woman

by Kathleen Dreems

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pretty woman walking down the street
pretty woman the kind I'd like to meet
oh pretty woman, pretty woman
you were born when I learned to drive
now you're naked and I've taught you to writhe
pretty woman, no you're just a girl
little baby, I like your short skirt
pretty woman
oh pretty woman oh pretty thing
your legs are lightning splitting side the tide
please don't spite me, I just wanna get you high, pretty woman
pretty woman
I don't believe you, you aren't the truth
nothing could look as good as you
do you like it, when I say 17?
your bed's like fire so i couldn't help but sleep
pick me up, outside my parent's house
don't come inside, my street is quiet now
you'll touch my knee because we're nowhere here
I'll close my eyes just to make it clear
there's no one home because the light is gone
Im empty here, a place to be unknown
I'm wide awake, you'll have to sleep alone
such hollow faith (but) I'm too young to grow
pretty woman, breathless and drowned
for a moment, but now more lost than found (stay on f)
pretty woman, let me comb your hair
stand before me, in nothin but your underwear
take a picture, one where you touch yourself
I'll know you're mine not for anyone else
oh pretty woman, pretty woman, pretty girl
pretty woman, pretty woman
you look lovely as can be
Are you lonely just like me


released July 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Kathleen Dreems Portland, Oregon

Los Angeles --> Portland

"Wherever I have gone,
Wherever I've been and gone,
Wherever I have gone
The blues are all the same."

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